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Sim Lifestyle Racing is the latest venture from the team at Montecristos and Closet Lifestyle. 

Saving the best brand for last, Sim Lifestyle was created from a place of passion by a former racing driver and Formula1 enthusiast with the desire to bring the thrill of professional racing into your home with a custom sim-racing theater.



Imagine for a moment stepping into a luxurious sim racing theater in the privacy of your home, with high-end custom cabinetry, two professional racing simulators designed and manufactured in the UK, and kitted out with 49" high-definition curved monitors with virtual reality or traditional headsets, and simulator settings to accommodate all ages and racing levels.  



The spectators (your guests) will recline in  custom seating and enjoy watching the race on the high-definition 100" screen TV with real life acoustics as the two racers drive the formula one tracks from around the world.  Lets not forget the custom entertainment bar which is arms length away!



Everything Custom, made to your specifications.  Your guests will no longer congregate in the kitchen, your sim room will become the entertainment hub where memories will be created for a lifetime!  This is more than a sim room, it's an exhilarating one-of-a-kind-experience.

We invite you to visit our showroom and experience first-hand the racing sim theater.  

Sim Lifestyle Racing Theater


Sim Lifestyle hand-selected like-minded companies who understand the paramount importance of delivering unrivaled quality and a lifestyle experience.  With any great brand, the collaboration is on-going.

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